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Dulux Trade Stain Block Primer

A water-based primer suitable for use on interior walls and ceilings. It is formulated to prevent the migration of stains through the finished paint film and also to seal and bind dry, friable and powdery interior surfaces such as plaster, brick and distemper. It is the effective treatment for stains caused by: water-based and solvent-based inks, crayon, biro, coffee, grease, scuff marks, water and nicotine.

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Application information

Up to 14m² per litre.

Touch dry
Recoat after 6-8 hours. Note: on very porous surfaces, a longer drying time may be required.


Key benefits

Seals Powdery Surfaces, Limewash & Distemper

For Stains Including Smoke Damage, Nicotine & Inks

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Application description

STIR THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. After suitablesurface preparation, apply 1 coat of Dulux Trade Stain Block Primer to all bare or stained surfaces and allow to dry. Two coats will be necessary for difficult stains. When blocking stains caused by water or damp, make sure the original cause of the problem has been rectified. When Dulux Trade Stain Block Primer is applied initially, it will draw the stain into itself and then seal it – this is not a defect. Finish with an appropriate Dulux Trade paint system.