Red Inspiration

Red is passionate and full of desire.

Red is vibrant. It's a warm colour that adds energy. It gives a feeling of luxury.

Pink is soft. It's delicate and subtle. Using these two colours together in the home can create different looks and moods.

They can be used in the living, dining and bedrooms to create a warm, inviting space. The choices are there to match your idea look.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Red Rose
Dulux Paint Nigeria - Red jewels

Red trends

Softened reds are more subtle and therefore easier to use.

This new palette offers understated luxury with more refined and natural reds. Neutral, skin and nude pinks allow for subtlety and create a caring, nurturing mood.

The richer shades of stronger pinks and reds add life to other neutralized colours.

Using deep reds

Its intensity gives red that perfect quality for enhancing features.

Its intensity gives red that perfect quality for enhancing features in the home, such as feature wall or bed head wall.

It helps accent one-off pieces of furniture or within accessories.

To create a modern look, soften a rich red like Swedish Berry with a neutral colour Prism White. Red against a neutral sofa or wall creates a vibrant space with energy and drama.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Red Chillies

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Child's Bedroom with Soft red walls

Using soft reds

Its chalky quality gives the room a nurturing feel.

For a family with kids, dusky pink like Sorbet is ideal.

The colour creates a sophisticated effect for adults' room. Its chalky quality is perfect for nurseries, providing a nurturing feel.

Adding a soft blue like Mineral Mist enhances this muted pink. To give darker rooms a light, uplifting look, use colours with a hint of pink and blue by combining Moonlight Blue and Whitney White.