Neutral inspiration

Neutrals are contemporary and classic.

Neutrals are a colour family in their own right. They are now in popular use in interiors and fashion design. This colour family is well loved because neutrals are versatile and flexible in making spaces look modern or classic, chic or cozy. Neutrals are undemanding, easy-to-live-with shades which provide a relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Warm neutrals such as brown, tan and beige are great for any space where warmth and relaxation is desired. Cool neutrals like white, silver and grey are perfect for creating pretty, lacy style bedroom or ultra modern kitchens and living rooms.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - brown Hazelnuts
Dulux Paint Nigeria - pale neutral eggs

Neutral trends

Warm, gentle shades that are easy to live with and relaxing.

The gentle shades in this palette reflects our growing concern for the environment and its woodlands. The easy-to-live-with and relaxing colours remind us of cut timber, bark and cork.

The clay and earth tones reflect the natural environment and natural materials. Feelings of light, warmth and serenity are created by pales and soft off-white shades. For a layered look, combine off-whites and greys. The understated greys can be combined with a variety of tones from other palettes for a high fashion look.

Modern chic? Use deeper shades like clay and slate grey. These colours offset warmer and brighter shades and help define pale warm neutrals.

Using warm neutral

Use warm, living neutrals to create a classic living space.

Use warm, living neutrals to create a classic living space. Here, the warm tones of Council Bluff are combined with more muted neutral Autumnal Equinox to bring a relaxing atmosphere. To smarten your woodwork, use Fencepost, a classic cream. It is also great with a wide range of colours or warm and cool neutrals.

For this space, we have used Contemporary White and added subtle white and cream accessories with interesting textures and shapes.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Living room with cream walls and white accessories on top of chimney breast
Dulux Paint Nigeria - Kitchen sink area with grey surfaces

Using cool neutral

For a modern look, use shades of grey.

For a modern look, use shades of grey. To highlight the modern cupboards here, we have combined the cool tone of Faithful with a slightly darker shade.

Greys offer simplicity, ideal in busier spaces like kitchens. Greys are great as a subtle backdrop for bursts of bolder colours like a teal vase or patterned crockery.