Blue inspiration

Blue is calming and reassuring.

Calm and ethereal, blue has become highly popular in modern interiors. The colour creates a soothing and relaxing space.

Modern blue shades inspired by deep ocean, shimmering streams and sparkling minerals are ideal for personal spaces where tranquility is desired. The colour suggests clarity of thought and relaxation. Softer blue shades in the home can create serene and tranquil areas. To revitalize and refresh a room, choose brighter ultramarines.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Ice blue
Dulux Paint Nigeria - Blue lagoon

Blue trends

The blue palette is more influenced by green.

The blue palette now reflects inspiration from technological shades and natural tones. These brighter and more subtle blues are inspired by aerial views of the ocean and rain forests. To create a look with high fashion appeal, choose creative colours such as beautiful teals and turquoises.

For an airy sense of definition, use smokey and shadowy shades with sophisticated warm and cool neutrals. Fragile, more subtle shades help create a bright appearance with that cool look.

Using deep blues

Green-based blues offer sophistication and luxury.

Green-based blues that offer sophistication and luxury are in demand. A deep ultramarine blue like Middy Blue is great with lighter greyed off-tones like Bear Run. These colours are used in this open plan space to create a relaxing tonal scheme.

A pale blue can be used to add interest to your woodwork. For dramatic contrast here, we have used Siesta Key on a single chair, Ethereal on the door and skirting and Middy Blue walls.

Dulux Paint Nigeria - Office with teal and light blue walls
Dulux Paint Nigeria - Living and dining room area with pale blue walls

Using soft blues

Denim blue looks great together with soft pale pinks and muted greys.

Complimentary colours such as denim blue and soft pale pinks and muted greys look great together. The pink brightens up darker spaces while providing contrast against the blue. For a modern touch, use a light grey such as Snowfield on your shelving or cupboards.

To match the colours in this open plan living space, we use soft textiles like cushions and rugs. These beautiful wall colours can be enhanced through the use of warm cream furnishings and sophisticated pink and blue accessories.