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Aesthetic upgrading of the St. Lazarus Square



It’s with great excitement and pleasure that we participated in the aesthetic upgrading of the St. Lazarus Square in Larnaca. This project was part of a bigger and more elaborate pilot program - Larnaca Aesthetic Upgrading Programme – aiming to spruce up the town and remove the “visual pollution”. It was carried out at the initiative of the Larnaca Tourist Development and Promotion Company, Larnaca Municipality, CTO and Concept Cyprus.



The St. Lazarus upgrading project focused on 8 areas of improvements:

  1. Remove the old signs from the buildings and replace them with new, uniform, attractive ones 

  2. Remove any advertising signs that had no place there

  3. Repaint the facades of the buildings

  4. Repaint the old, abandoned building in St. Lazarus square

  5. Cover the air conditioners’ compressors

  6. Replace the old tents and umbrellas with new, attractive ones in the same colours    


Dulux Cyprus, as a proud sponsor, contributed and added colour to this vision for a more attractive and beautiful city. And we must say it… The results of the work that was done towards the upgrading of St. Lazarus square are remarkable!