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White Dimensions: Problem Solving

Warming Whites

These shades add light and warmth to interiors without the use of strong colours. From delicate creams and apricots to warm neutrals, these shades add a bright airiness to cooler, north-facing interiors.

60YR 83/009 90RR 83/013 30YR 83/023 60YY 83/062 00YY 83/069 10YY 83/014 50YR 83/025 80YR 74/043 30YY 79/070

Brightening Whites

These pure whites are designed to lighten dark spaces. From iridescent creams and lemons to warm apricots and fresh greens.

80YR 83/017 50YR 83/020 50GG 83/034 59BB 81/022

Cooling Whites

These cooler shades add balance to a bright room. The palette ranges from creamy whites to green-tinted neutrals and blue- hued greys.

00NN 83/000 10BB 83/014 10RB 83/012 30GY 76/017 00YY 83/069 56BG 81/023 49BB 76/037 30RB 73/016 10BB 73/045

Whites & Powder Coatings

This small collection of whites has been designed to complement RAL9010 as commonly used for powder-coated ceiling systems, ducting and metalwork.

20YY 83/038 59BB 81/022 60YR 83/009 30YY 78/018 49BB 76/037 60YY 83/062