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White Dimensions: Complementing Materials

Warm Wood & Timber

This collection of warm whites complements natural timbers, from pink- tinted shades of beech to golden tones of pine and oak. The selection includes creamy off-whites, warm beiges and the softest amber.

Slate, Stone & Concrete

Tinted whites enhance the beauty and diversity of natural stone and slate. You'll find a range of greys and neutrals that add colour without compromising the natural beauty of the material itself.

Cream Brick & Stone

Creams reflect the warmth and natural beauty of brick, stone and ceramic. Choose from buttery creams, soft beiges, sands and buff to add lightness and warmth to your interiors.

44YY 84/042 60YR 83/009 00NN 83/000 10YY 83/014 80YR 74/043 80YR 83/017 30YY 78/018 30YY 79/070 55YR 83/024

Dark Wood & Timber

This natural collection of off-whites can be used with a wide range of deeper or more neutral wood tones. Discover pale and warm greys, subtle creams and soft beiges, designed to add a sense of harmony to neutral interiors.

10RB 83/012 59BB 81/022 50RR 83/006 49BB 76/037 30BB 72/040 00NN 83/000 30RB 73/016 10RR 73/016

Red Brick & Terracotta

This collection of warming whites and creams complements natural red brick and terracotta surfaces. Create a comforting, wrap-around effect with these creams, beiges and soft apricots.

Iron & Metal

This collection of soothing and neutral whites complements bare steel, cast iron and raw metal. Ranging from cool greys to green- inspired neutrals, these off-whites add subtle personality and character to an interior.

Coated & Frosted Glass

This collection of clean whites enriches coated and tinted glass and enhances the reflections that these materials create. The palette ranges from cool and subtle greys to the most subtle shades of green and aqua.